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Veteran Teams Taking Control

Let’s take a look at how Week II shaped up in the Championship & Premiership, as well as what’s happening in the Master’s Division.

Atop the table in both the Championship and Premiership are teams that have been in the OPL for a couple of years. It is no surprise that Sterling Mutual F.C. / Rutland Young Boys / DMA United have taken control of the top of the table in the league’s 2nd Division. Don’t be surprised if these teams continue winning runs. The fixture to watch is Sterling hosting the Young Boys this upcoming Thursday, which will give one of the teams their first loss.

Kelowna United and Glory Days Athletics are in control of the Premiership in the early days as Glory Days’ offseason moves have proven outstanding for head coach Kirby Carter. Kelowna United has soundly taken care of their first two matches, most recently with a clean sheet against Midtown F.C. One team will surrender their first loss this week as the top-of-the-table clash features this Wednesday at 9:00 pm. You won’t want to miss this one.

Misfits have shown a chink in the armour. The veteran Master’s team drew a single point in Sunday’s match against ProMotion F.C., who came out with another improved performance from their Matchday 1 defeat. It’s back to winning ways for Kelowna City as they’ve scored their first points of the season in the win against Primo, who remain pointless.

This year is shaping up to be the closest Premiership Division in OPL history with how the early results have gone. Champions Okanagan F.C. have the early fixture on Monday night to winless HDC Peachland, who have failed to get off the mark so far.

For all of our player statistics, goals, goalkeeper stats, and discipline are listed to keep track through the season. Assists are tracked in the Premiership and League Standings will soon be found here on the website, but for now is on the TeamSnap Tournaments App

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