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Historic Evening in the Premiership

It has always been highly debated as to why the OPL runs a playoff system in the game of football, which generally doesn't (in the leagues that matter anyway). Teams like how they can be an upset story or have a second chance to revitalize their season. Traditionalists say playoffs aren't part of the game. With a short season of 15 regular season matches, it's been chosen to have the playoff system in our divisions for teams to showcase their best performances for when it matters. This night of semifinals in the Premiership Division, was one for the books.

HDC who have never featured in a final in the league's history took that stance personally and were going to do whatever it took to make it this year. The Crew, found themselves down by one goal with just three minutes to go in regular time after winning for most of the match, knew they needed some magic to turn the tables. In the late set piece unlikeliest of scorers Daniel Melong, fresh off a bathroom break, stepped right into a header to send the match to extra time. Glory Days Athletics thought they were on the way to the final after going up again in Extra Time before HDC was able to find the tie in the final minutes again, to take the match to a shootout. After a massive stop by Tait Cuthill, that opened the door for Sebastian Wingfield to score the shootout winner to win 3-3 (4-2).

Okanagan F.C. u21s rose to the challenge against top seeded Kelowna United F.C. After winning for longer throughout the match, Kelowna United tied it up later in the match thanks to two goals for veteran defender Liam Ezzard. Mohamed had a great game with a goal and assist as well. Okanagan F.C. all-star Chey Ragoonaden was able to get himself on the scoresheet twice to help the club rise to the occassion, giving OFC a chance in the Kelowna Derby. One of the most memorable moments of the season featured OFC midfielder Chey tieing the game in the last kick of Extra Time to take the club to a shootout that ended in a narrow loss 4-4 (5-6). The scenes were heard around Rutland one week ago and Kelowna United are hopeful to win their first Premiership Title against third seed HDC Peachland.

The trophy match will take place on Monday March 11th at 8:30pm. Tickets are still available for the fixture of the year, Kelowna United F.C. vs. HDC Peachland. Be sure to come and support your favourite club in the finals.

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