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Wrapping up Week 1 & Looking Ahead

We hope all the teams had a fantastic start to the OPLs 5th season and that many of you got the results you were looking for. Some highlights from Week 1 include;

  • Acera F.C. knocking off title holders Franco’s Kelowna City 3-1 to start the campaign.

  • JVL Excavation winning on their return to the Master’s Division under Steve Cox.

  • Title holders Okanagan F.C. teaching their u21s a lesson downing them 11-4 in the Premiership Match.

  • Noah Dueck scored & proved effective against his old club in a 4-2 win for Kelowna United.

  • Juggernaut teams from last season in the Championship, Sterling/DMA/Rutland Young Boys all off to a hot start in what will be a closely contested top of the Division.

Week 2 features the Match of the Week with Okanagan F.C. vs. Glory Days Athletics on Monday after both teams took off with massive six and seven goal victories in Week 1. HDC Peachland will try to bounce back against the OFC u21s.

There are many eye opening matchups in the Championship this week but none bigger than the Championship Final rematch from last season, Parched F.C. will look for revenge against Sterling Mutual in the late slot on Wednesday, 9:00pm.

The Master’s Division has the Misfits already into the first two matches of the season with two clean sheets from Thomas Huber. Manager Mihai is thrilled with the back to back 5-nil results to start the season, as Misfits look to play in the league final again this year.

A couple reminders for the Rutland Dome, spitting is absolutely prohibited on the turf and will result in a $25.00 fine. Yellow Cards for referee dissent will also include a $25.00 fine to your team as there is a zero tolerance policy in the league. Speaking of giving yellow cards.

We would like to welcome back Kelowna Referee Legend Peter Gill back into the fold this year, what a pleasure!

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