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The Business End of the Competition

As the regular season winds down for the final week of the Premiership Division before playoffs, Kelowna United F.C. has clinched 1st seed in the division with a game to go heading into playoffs. Even if Glory Days Athletics win this week it will bring them level on points with a K.U. loss, Kelowna United would edge Glory Days on the Head-to-Head 2-1 in the season series. In the quarterfinals HDC Peachland will host Midtown F.C. while the OFC derby will prove which side is stronger to move onto the semi-finals. HDC will play Glory Days on Monday evening for nothing more than bragging rights in the season series.

The Championship Division has become more set after last week's results, although so much still to play for. Carlton Athletic hold the slimmest of hopes for the final playoff spot. They play the lowly Grenfell United this week while OFC Reserves play league leaders Sterling. If OFC beat Sterling, Carlton will be eliminated. Canco's APNA are also close to the ropes on the outside looking in. They need at least one point against Rutland Young Boys to keep their playoff hopes alive. There are several scenarios that can happen in the Championship as bye weeks have teams at different games played. Stay tuned to our @okanagan_premier_league instagram this week to follow along with the league's permutations.

The Master's Division will resume this upcoming Sunday after a break for Super Bowl which the world as a whole seems extremely disappointed with. The Kansas City Chiefs got lucky, beating the San Francisco 49ers in an overtime thriller. There are two matches left in the Master's Division regular season.

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