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Super-8 Sized Tactics & MOTW


In the match of the week, Kelowna City F.C. has overcome their early season demons to get the best of undefeated Acera F.C. 3-2 in the first return fixture. These two sides have battled toe to toe since the inception of the Master’s OPL Division, and most of their matches prove to be extremely close. Randy Hubber, City’s #9, scored a brace to bolster the club onto three points, climbing the table into second place. Misfit’s GK, Thomas Huber, recorded his third clean sheet of the season in their victory over Primo F.C., who lost to Misfits for the second time this season. 

In other news around the league, DMA United and Kelowna United F.C. continue their winning ways, staying undefeated a third of the way through the season in their respective Divisions. This week won’t be an easy one for these clubs, though, as DMA takes on an ever-improving Volta squad and KUFC takes on HDC Peachland, who are on a three-game heater. 

It’s often debated amongst managers and pundits around the league what the best tactical shape to play in the OPL is. There are some less traditional formations that work better for some teams, like playing 2 at the back or 3 players up front, but the standard 3-3-1 is always talked about as the safest formation to fasten your team in. As always, the best formation for your club depends on the personnel involved within the team. A naturally more offensive team can do with a more conservative shape that will naturally be more attacking-focused. A team that is more defensive in nature will be able to find success by playing two defenders with 3 or 4 players across the midfield. 

Through years of observing OPL matches, analysts have been pulling their hair out, watching weaker teams not getting their players behind the ball defensively or playing too much of an attacking style, which almost inevitably ends in turmoil for the team. The no-offside style of the game has both gotten teams into trouble against the counterattack or stretched the pitch for them to make more room throughout the middle of the park. Ideally, with any formation you decide to employ, it is important to have specific defensive style tactics and a separate shape going forward according to your team’s strengths. 

Historically, the clubs that win Championships throughout this league not only work hard on and off the ball but have characteristics of a ruthless counterattack, yeoman’s work to get back to defend and often a free-flowing possession style offensive when they’re in the lead. 

How will you improve your team’s tactical prowess moving forward?

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