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Reaching the Halfway Point

After seven matches in the Premiership & Championship divisions and eight matches in the Master's Division, we are at the halfway point in the Okanagan Premier League regular season. To summarize, Kelowna United F.C. have held the top spot in the Premiership from the outset with two other teams, Glory Days Athletics and HDC Peachland hot on their heels. There is so much more to play for within the division as both Okanagan F.C. teams have felt unlucky with their results and Midtown had played much better than their statistics fare.

DMA United still hold first place in the Championship despite coming off back to back loses, holders Sterling Mutual have one game in hand and are just one point away. The rest of the top five round out with Rutland Young Boys who are a familiar seed at the top with Carlton Athletic & Volta who hold strong 4-2 records. As always in the Championship it will be a dog fight for the final two playoff spot with three teams within two points.

Acera F.C. continue to maintain top position in the Master's Division with Kelowna City reeling just three points back. Kelowna City came out on top of Acera last week to inch closer toward the top. Primo & JVLX are in a tie for fifth place with both teams showing signs of improvement en route into the second half of the season.

There are two more match days until the winter break and teams will be bringing all they've got to carry some momentum into 2024 where each game will matter just a little bit more as playoff seeds start to shape up and Golden Boot, Ball and Glove races get closer to the wire.

We want to thank our referee team for continuing to do a bang-up job throughout the OPL as we rely on them to keep our league going. Remember to help out the referees set up the pitch and take the equipment down if you are the last match of the evening. Your teams' help is greatly appreciated.

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