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Get ready for the OPL

It’s less than one week left until all three divisions of the OPL kickoff for it’s milestone 5th season here in the heart of the Okanagan. Thank you to everyone for being patient with our scheduling processes as things snuck up on us very fast over Thanksgiving Weekend, as the dome setup became complete earlier than expected. We are absolutely buzzing to get the season underway!

Our Master’s Division kicks off this upcoming Sunday with a mammoth fixture of two of the league’s perennial favorites facing off in the opening match with newly branded Acera F.C. against Franco’s Kelowna City at 4:30pm. Monday features title holders in the Premiership, Okanagan F.C. taking on their own u21 squad in a derby matchup at 8pm. The headline match in the Championship features return title contenders, Parched F.C. up against Rutland Young Boys who were champions in the league two seasons ago. That match will kickoff at 9pm on Tuesday evening.

A couple reminders ahead the start of the campaign;

Make sure your team arrives ~20 minutes before gametime as the match will start as soon as possible once our pitch time starts.

There is a warm-up area behind the pitch and benches/bleachers to prepare.

There is no tolerance of verbal abuse toward our officials and will result in an immediate yellow card at the very least.

Read over the rules document for the Okanagan Premier League to ensure standards.

Organize your team’s benches in a professional manner to not only avoid hazards to players but also to keep the Rutland Sports Dome clean.

Even though the OPL provides the match ball, please bring your own footballs for warm-up.

If your team doesn’t have a 2nd set of kits, be prepared with a set of bibs in an alternative color, the away team will be forced to change if necessary.

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