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The OPL was founded in September 2018 as the Okanagan’s first competitive indoor football division. The host pitch for the OPL is the Rutland Sports Dome, in the past, the Kelowna United Mission Dome has featured. The league’s inaugural season featured 9 teams from Lake Country F.C. down through the  Okanagan to Penticton’s DOJA Internationale. The League’s first ever winner was Titan Industrial Football Club out of Kelowna.


The League expanded to a 2nd Division in 2019. The OPL was renamed into the Premiership and Championship Divisions before the Master’s Division took off in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the 2020 season to halt with no winner, but the league has been going ever since. In OPL’s 5th season, we will host 34 teams over the three divisions through the 23/24 season.

The Okanagan Premier League’s Okanagan title trophy is won by the winners of each of the three divisions every season.

The current holders are:
Premiership → Okanagan F.C.
Championship → Sterling Mutual Football Club
Master’s [O-35] →  Kelowna City F.C.

The Okanagan Premier League is played on a Super-8-sized pitch with 8 players per side, including a goalkeeper. The matches are officiated by one official and two in the playoff rounds. Disciplinary actions are taken in the traditional sense with accumulation suspensions as well as having no tolerance toward verbal abuse to officials, players or managers alike.  The divisions employ a standard points system with a penalty shootout following a draw in the Premiership & Championship Divisions. The league runs in the fall, from October through March. Each season features a winter break, which is just over halfway through each season. 

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