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Rutland Young Boys - Manager Valeri Bajer
Rutland Young Boys.png
Sterling Mutual Football Club - Gio Gallicano
Sterling Mutual.png
Parched F.C. - Manager Lewis Morris
Parched FC.png
Carlton Athletic II - Manager Lukas Eaton
CArlton Athletic.png
Okanagan F.C. 2007b - Manager Braden Peters
OFC 2007b.png
Play it Again - Surinder Gosa
Volta - Manager Aamar Riyadh
Grenfell United - Manager Jean Isaac de Villier
Grenfell United.png
DMA United - Manager Corey and Luka
DMA United.png
Canco’s APNA - Manager Vishaal Sharma
Canco's APNA.png
African Giants - Collins Ahize
African Giants.png
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